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Winter Break & Happy New Year!

We are nearly all moved!  The site should be back to full operation by the end of the week! (Jan 20th)

If your order does NOT include any Pre-Order items it will ship in 1 - 14 business days.

If your order DOES include Pre-Order items, your order will ship by the Processing Deadline below which is within 14 business days AFTER the collection arrives here to begin processing. Scroll down to the Processing Queue to see which collections are here and which we are currently waiting on.

Please Note: HELD orders/bundles will not ship until the specified time or you cancel the hold.


Black Phoenix Happy New Year on Jan 2nd
Possets Valentines Retour on January 19th
Black Phoenix November & Fraggles on January 16th
Nui Cobalt Valentines on January 22nd
Poesie We Heart Cardamom on January 22nd
Black Hearted Tart Valentines Day on January 29th
Black Hearted Tart Lush + Us on January 29th
Death and Floral January on January 29th
Hexennacht January on January 29th
Black Phoenix Yules by Feb 2nd
Mr. Hex December by Feb 14th
Death & Floral December on Jan 12th
Hexennacht December on Jan 12th
Nui Cobalt Gamers on Jan 12th
Possets Yule Retour on Jan 5th
BPAL Raven Moon Etc on Jan 4th
The Strange South Winter on Dec 26th
Astrid Winter & Holidays on Dec 26th
Hexennacht November on Dec 20th
NAlidays on Dec 20th
Black Phoenix Weenies on Dec 15th
Nui Cobalt Yuletide & Nutcracker on Dec 15th
Poesie The Nutcracker Sweet on Dec 15th


Current RTS Status
Does NOT include pre-Orders
RTS orders shipped to: Order #47499 (January 30th)
RTS orders processing to: Order #47625


General Schedule

1st Wednesday of the Month     New Releases (as available)
2nd Wednesday of the Month    Leftover Drops (as available)
3rd Wednesday of the Month     Ajevie & Lucky #9 updates (as available)
Last Wednesday of the Month    TBA


2023 Break Schedule
Winter Break December 20th - January 3rd

Brands' Official TATs & FAQ Links

Please Note: All TATs may be extended from what is stated here in order to deal with the current global shipping delays

Astrid Perfume - 7 business days
Black Phoenix - 14-21 business days (Collection End Dates via
Black Hearted Tart - up to 15 business days
Death and Floral - 10-15 business days
eNVie - 5-7 business days
Hexennacht - 7-14 business days
Mr. Hex - 14 days
Nocturne Alchemy - 5-10 business days
Nui Cobalt - 3 business days
Poesie - 10 business days
Possets - 1-2 business days
PULP Fragrance - 10-14 business days
Shop⛧Lucifer - Varies
The Star and The Butterfly - Varies
Strange Fire & Fumery - Varies
The Strange South - 21-25 business days