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Orange pekoe tea, orange, clove, cinnamon, ginger.

Spun sugar, marshmallow fluff, Spiritueuse Double Vanille, vanilla.

Just Took A DNA Test, Turns Out I'm 100% That Witch
Benzoin, clove, dark patchouli, bonfire smoke, candy corn, pumpkin pie, frankincense, cedarwood, cassia.

Karmical Imbalance
Lemon, cola, and ginger beer.

Kentucky Bourbon & Woodsmoke
Rich Kentucky bourbon, vanilla musk, teakwood, mahogany and light woodsmoke.

Killer Queen
Sugar cane, coconut milk, vanilla orchid, white musk, lavender.

Kona Mocha
Coffee, chocolate, sweetenened condensed milk.

White chocolate, lingonberry, pinyon.

Opium, saffron, ambergris accord, black currant, plum, bergamot, nutmeg, vanilla, black oak, cedar, smoked patchouli, amber, amyris, black pepper, vetiver, white musk.

Laundry soap, fabric softener, ozone, and coin-op washing machines.

Lavender London Fog
Earl grey tea, steamed milk, vanilla, lavender simple syrup.

Lavender Macaron
Confectioner's sugar, vanilla bean paste, finely milled almond meal, ground lavender buds.

Le Chat Noir
Chimney smoke, freshly fallen snow, and the cool, dry, musky scent of a cat just in from a long winter stroll.

Mysore sandalwood, golden sandalwood powder, vanilla husk, chamois accord, Alaskan cedarwood, tobacco leaf, black oak, cardamom, saffron threads, miel blanc.

The Listing Attic
Spiced apple cider, maple sugar, Kentucky bourbon

London Fog
Sweetened earl grey tea, steamed milk, vanilla syrup.

Silver amber, fur, lunar musk.

White sage, blue musk, cedar, blackberry, black tea, bergamot, apple.

Melty Minty Marshmallow Mocha)Hot cocoa, marshmallows, peppermint bark, mocha latte.

Marshmallow, buttercream, candy cane.

Marshmallow, buttercream, spiced eggnog.

Maplemallow Doughnut
Fresh doughnuts, topped with sticky maple frosting, and tooth-achingly sweet marshmallow fluff.

Ginger beer, cardamom, black peppercorns.

Dead leaves, pine, cedar, fall air, laurel, balsam, smoke, clove bud, black patchouli, mushroom caps, dampened black soil.

Middle Earth
A golden mix of vanilla, chocolate, amber, nag champa, dark patchouli.

Marshmallow, buttercream, cacao, espresso.

Moloko Plus
Steamed milk, sweetened condensed milk, coconut milk, and rice milk, infused with lavender simple syrup, coconut crème, and green cardamom poddiwods.

Smoked vanilla, frankincense, Peru balsam, labdanum, amber, vetiver, Atlas cedarwood, patchouli, and night musk.

Argent ambre, night-blooming jasmine, evening air accord, lunar musk.

Morning Star
Thick, rich golden orbs of amber, vanilla, whipped cream accord.

Steamed milk, lavender buds, honeyed apricots, chamomile tea, honey, white amber.

Peach, sun-warmed meadow, cedar, sandalwood, vetiver, tree moss, oakmoss accord.

Animalic accord, amber, black patchouli, cedar, Peru balsam, vanilla, cacao, caramel, cardamom, musk.

Deep, rich, Oscuro cigars. Plumes of sweet, fire-cured pipe smoke. Fresh-cut tobacco, rum-dipped cigarillos, cacao Shisha, vanillic vape clouds.

Amber, oakmoss, galbanum, vetiver, bergamot, violet, vanilla, musk.

Thé Noir
Hex-blend solinote of black tea.

Norman Loves Mother

Earthy cardamom, rich vanilla, deep dark patchouli, and dry, woody notes of an old teakwood rocking chair.

Old Scratch
Blackstrap molasses, bourbon, pumpkin pie, candied ginger.

Oogie Boogie
Marshmallow, buttered rum, sweet potato pie, coconut, vanilla, dried leaves, pipe smoke, charred wood, amber, sandalwood, musk.

Confetti angelcake, topped with lemon whipped cream and a melty scoop of birthday cake batter ice cream.

Orange Flower Lemonade*

Overlook Hotel°

White spruce, sugared vanilla, buttermint candies.

Pearanormal Activity
Bone-white amber, spectral musk, Comice pear, ozone.

Black licorice, spun sugar.

Pineapple Sticky Rice*
Fresh, sweet pineapple, pan-toasted basmati rice, a dusting of brown sugar, coconut cream.

Amber, dark patchouli, sandalwood, orange blossom, vanilla.

Pâte à choux filled with vanilla cream pudding and pumpkin pie filling.

Black sage, california sagebrush, golden amber, dark amber, white amber, white cedar, palo santo, sweetgrass, cedar, sandalwood, Egyptian musk, frankincense, myrrh, dark patchouli, saffron, vetiver, agarwood, smoldering incense.

Purple Rain

Violet, grape, rain.

Raspberry Rosemallow
Marshmallow, buttercream, raspberry-rose compote.

Reefer Madness
This is not a "pretty" scent -- rather, it's an atmospheric, conceptual blend of skunky, weedy, dried bud notes, dirt, flannel shirt pocket lint, a faint hint of berries, fir, and apple (munchies and misdemeanors not included).

Rose Quartz
Rose bud, pink grapefruit, passionfruit, cream soda, pink bubblegum, raspberry mimosa accord, pink pepper.

Rosewater Lemonade
Tart, sweet lemonade infused with fresh, heady rose petals.

Pumpkin pie cream puffs drizzled with honey.

Scream Queen
Pink bubblegum, vanilla bean pod, light musk.

Shibari (formerly known as Aokigahara Woods)
Coconut milk, steamed rice, honeyed figs, lychee, Japanese maplewood, tonka, spiced rooibos tea, galangal.

Speculoos cookies, mandarin oranges, black tea sweetened with sugar and fresh heavy cream.

Sleep Paralysis
Lavender, chamomile, violet leaf, valerian.

Slice of Life
Sweet Florida oranges, and fresh, salty ocean air.

Dragon’s blood, smoked vanilla, fire-red musk, aged dark patchouli.

Smoky Quartz
Beeswax candles, simmering birch bark, dragon's blood, bundles of incense sticks, black tea, autumn-ripe gourds. 

Southern Hospitali-tea
Sweet tea, marionberry scones, freshly-made strawberry preserves.

Hex-blend solinote of vanilla, vanilla, and more vanilla. NO bakery/caramel notes.

Spirit Temple

Vanilla bean pods, Spiritueuse Double Vanille, nag champa incense.

Squeaky Bedsprings
Pumpkin pie & lavender.

Strange & Unusual
Lime bubble pop, balsam violet accord, ozone, fresh mountain air, ambergris accord, mimosa accord, pink peppercorn accord, violet leaf absolute, rosewood, ylang ylang.

Stranger Things
Eggo waffles, chocolate pudding, and upside-down cake.

Strawberry Fields Forever
Strawberries, fresh cut grass, dirt.

Wax, vinyl, leather, and latex.

Sugar-encrusted doughnuts filled with magenta blobs of raspberry filling.

Sunday Mourning
Freshly-juiced blood oranges, stacks of buttermilk pancakes, rivulets of maple syrup, and a melty pat of butter.

Swiss Miss*
A steaming cup of hot cocoa.

Desiccated leaves, hedgerow blossoms, charred pinyon, aged cedarwood boughs, petrified tree sap, crisp fall air, laurel, clove bud, smoke-tinged balsam, santalum, and graveyard dirt.

Torture Chamber
Leather straps, metal chains, wooden paddles, earthen floor.

Trashcan Man
Smoke, motor oil, low-octane gasoline

Aged bourbon, dark rum, pumpkin purée, frankincense, Daemonorops draco resin, smouldering firewood embers.

Unholy Water
Dragon’s blood, palo santo, sage, cedarwood.

Vaniglia Liquirizia
black licorice, Madagascar vanilla.

Vanilla Clove
Rich, creamy vanilla, warm, spicy/herbal clove.

Lascivious crimson musk, crumpled velvet, leather, oriental accord, animalic accord, suede, over-ripe figs, rum, raspberry, cognac, smeared red lipstick, tobacco, silken underpinnings, florid skin, cocaine accord, smoke.

Waking The Witch

Patchouli, vanilla, cashmeran, oakmoss, black pepper, laurel leaf.

Where My Uggs At?
Pumpkin spice latte, shearling.

Leather, tobacco, sweet cream.

Whitechapel 1888°
Christmas rice pudding with a drizzle of maple syrup.

White Sage Lemonade*

Grape bubblegum and lemonade.

The Wicker Man
Forest greenery, damp earth, wicker, smoke.

Winchester Mystery House
Vanilla, fireplace embers, aged cedarwood, dark patchouli, sandalwood, amber, gingersnap cookies, clove.

Dark patchouli, amber, cardamom, vanilla.

Sassafras root, burdock root, sarsaparilla root, clove, star anise, wintergreen, sweet cream.

Would Thou Like The Taste of Butter
Hot buttered popcorn, marshmallow fluff, kettle corn, vanilla bean, dulce de leche. 

Wuthering Heights
Lavender, vanilla, spectral musks, vetiver, tonka, jasmine, tea leaves, oakmoss.

Smashed jack o' lanterns, gingersnap cookies, and rum-spiked eggnog

Fresh floofy marshmallow fluff.


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