Package Protection


Package Protection provides hassle-free protection for shipments that are lost, broken, or stolen. Add Package Protection to your cart at checkout to enable extra protection!

No apps or downloads required!  No additional spammy emails!

What it is
Our promise to immediately replace or refund any lost, stolen, incorrectly delivered, or damaged item value in the applicable order!

USPS now includes insurance on first class/ground advantage shipments. Why might our Package Protection promise be a good idea on top of it?
Insurance claims take time to process and are often fought/denied.  USPS's insurance does not cover International packages at all.  It does Not cover any damage or loss they deem has happened after the package has been delivered.  This means that stolen and incorrectly delivered packages (95% of the claims we get!) cannot be claimed. More on what USPS Insurance does and does not cover. Free coverage is limited to $100. USPS requires documentation of any damage including the physical packaging be retained until the claim is settled.

Keep your eye out for Package Protection in your checkout options! 

Ajevie Package Protection does NOT cover the following...
- Anything outside the time frames stated below
- Taxes, Duties, Shipping costs
- Incorrect Shipping Addresses (as submitted by the customer)
- Unprotected/Uninsured packages (will be resolved with Store Credit)

Concerned about an stalled package? Let us know, or you can still ask USPS to do a search!

Customer Cost
$1.25 per order!

A Note on Combined Orders: Package Protection can only cover items that were included in the purchase that Package Protection was selected on.  If Protection was only used for some orders in your shipment, only those specific orders are covered.

Package Protection CAN be added to an order retroactively.

Reporting an issue
Just send us an email ( to let us know what's happened!
- Damages can be reported as soon as they are delivered and up to 15 days after delivery.  Pictures of the damaged product and packaging are greatly appreciated (And required by USPS)
- Lost Shipments can be reported if they have not moved in 7 - 30 days for domestic, 20 to 30 days for International.
- For Stolen/Missing deliveries report within 5 to 15 days after delivery.  (You should also contact your delivering Post Office to be sure they cannot recover the package directly.)