PULP Fall pt.1

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A Woodland Walk
Things always start out so innocently… Hemlock, black spruce, woodland musk, oud & a chunky cableknit sweater.

Bedsheet Ghost
Crisp freshly-ironed white sheets & a pumpkin pail full of Halloween candy, over a haunted honey musk base.

The Devil's Due
Ginger tea, heliotrope, amaretto, Turkish coffee & tolu balsam.

El Baile de los Muertos
Horchata, marigolds, cane sugar, coffee, golden vanilla, katsura leaves & lacquered oak.

Fiend in the Furrows
Red apple, nutmeg, red musk, fresh vanilla bean pods, spiced toffee & burnt sugar.

Ghost in the Stones
Moss-covered ring of standing stones, dark patchouli & eldritch black musk.

Harvest Moon
Ripe blackberries and raspberries, boozy davana, toffee, smoked sea salt, red pine & cocoa ganache.

The Old Gods Survive
Cherry pipe tobacco, golden amber, aged leather, oakmoss & old cedar chests.

Our Days Bewitched
Walnuts, brandy, roasted cocoa beans, copal, cardamom, labdanum, black vanilla, & aged oak barrels.

Samhain Fires
Frankincense, Sichuan pepper, cypress, blonde tobacco, grey musk, cade & bonfire-smoked vanilla.

Spectral Bride
White amber, caramel, smoked vanilla & blonde woods.

Witching Night
Crunchy fallen maple Leaves, blackstrap molasses, golden yuzu zest, Iso E Super, tonka bean, salted pralines, green patchouli & black alderwood musk.

Won't Bring Back Your Apples
"Don't you see that killing me is not going to bring back your apples?" Juicy apples, peaches and cream, lavender, neroli, bee pollen (vegan accord), burning straw & a giant wicker effigy.

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Perfume Oil Drams = 1 Dram (3.7 ml) bottles

BPAL Misc Products
Various Slink Sprays = 3 ml spray vials

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Various Chonk Sprays/Oils = 1/4 retail bottle (This is approximately .25oz for Beard Oils and 1oz for everything else)

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