BPAL December

BPAL December

Status: Ordered Jan 3rd
A New Leaf
Well, it’s worth a shot at least. Rose petals, gargantuan green leaves, and a splashy, fresh chypre

At the First Touch of Winter, Summer Fades Away
Summer’s last blooms encased in frost: chilled dahlias, marigolds, wild roses and ranunculus strewn across icy grasses.

Beaver Moon 2023
Beeving it up this year with matcha tea cheesecake.

Bergamot, Himalayan Cedar, and Lemon Peel

Black Pepper, Palo Santo, and Vetiver

Champagne and Blood
Sanguine sensuality with a pop: dragon’s blood resin, Egyptian myrrh, black cherry, clove, and champagne.

Champagne and Croquet
A very difficult game indeed: pink champagne, pink lime, pink grapefruit, wild rose, yellow bergamot, purple sage, nectarine skins, a thump of patchouli, and ornery hedgehog musk.

Champagne and Delirium
A strange ecstasy: champagne-soaked apples, gilded gold roses, and lemon peel.

Champagne and Snake Oil
BPAL’s signature scent made effervescent: deep, rich, earthy notes swirled with vegetal musks, sugared vanilla bean, champagne grape, white ginger, and dark spices.

The Contemplator
A soft, warm, meditative blend of balsam tolu, tonka absolute, vetiver, bourbon vanilla, palo santo, sandalwood, and Indonesian teak.

Death: My Irony Surpasses All Others!
An inky, desolate, unfathomable black musk.

Der Tod im Baum
Snow-thick sandalwood, eucalyptus leaf, and a scattering of dead leaves clinging to skeletal branches.

Evening Reading
Soft leather and aged paper, linen sheets, lamp oil, lavender sachets, a splash of rosewater, and a faint tendril of fading hearthsmoke.

Gnome Ruckus
Wet slaps of cloudberry-clotted multekrem, fattigman crumbs, and rivulets of nisse musk.

Good Luck! Good Luck! I Say
A sugared cherry chypre with red labdanum, moss, and roasted chestnut.

Gossip, Slang, and Cuss-Words
Here’s to a kinder, gentler year: lavender and mallow with orris root, angelica, frosted vanilla bean, and osmanthus.

In the Studio
Oil paint, turpentine, dusty wood planks, and pipe smoke streaming through pale amber sunbeams.

Iris in a Vase
Sugar-dusted iris petals.

Juniper Berry, Pine Needle, and Hemp

Myrrh, Black Amber, and Teakwood

Oak Moon 2023
Oak bark, tree sap, wild acorns, and a touch of honey.

Party Toad
Holiday goals. Mushrooms and clover splashed with champagne and green musk.

Pomelo, Mandarin, and Pink Grapefruit

Rose Buds, Mushrooms, and Moss

Strawberries, Sugar, and Lime

Tonka Bean, Black Tea, and Leather

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