BPAL Charity List!

BPAL Charity List!

The following bottles will be available at 3pm est Wednesday, December 20th for $20 each.  All proceeds will be donated to the Pride Center of VT


Absinthe V5 (proto)
AF18 (proto)
Agnes Nutter V2 (proto)
B.B3 (proto)
Battery-Operated Chainsaw
Black Phoenix Bay Rum x2
BOBN1 (proto)
Cacao Pod
Chaotic V3 (proto)
Chellah V4 (proto)
Ching Shih V4 (proto)
Dirty V3 (proto)
Eden V7 (proto)
First of the Three Spirits V5 (proto)
Goat 17 (proto)
Haitian Lover (proto)
Haumea V4 (proto)
Hod V2 (proto)
ICD 37 (proto) x2
ICDX 11 (proto)
ICDX II (proto)
Incessant Torture of Remorse V3 (proto)
Katharina V7 (proto)
Lick It '07 (vintage)
Lick It Again '06
Monster Bait: Ventriloquist Dummy '07 (vintage)
Mother Shub's Spiced Lait de Chevre
Nepthys V4 (proto)
New Orleans V4 (proto)
NVF02 (proto)
NVF10 (proto)
NVP1 (proto)
Oak King 4 (proto)
On Wednesday, I Will Promise You a Phantom
Pagent Queen '17 (preview)
Pits and Galleries of Panic
Plague Doctor V10 (proto)
Plague Doctor V13 (proto)
Pomegranate Tiramisu
PPGC456 (proto)
PPH81 (proto)
PPH81 (proto)
PPVIII (proto)
Putrefincation V3 (proto)
Salamander '05 (vintage)
SFM3 (proto)
Shill V1 (proto)
Soothing System 1 (proto)
Spawn of the She-Devil V2 (proto)
Sugar Plum Fairy V3 (proto)
Taphophobia V2 (proto)
That! The Thing From Over There V1 (proto)
The Avenging Vase
The Shivering Boy '09
The Steeple
Valentine of Rome '11
Vishpala (proto)
Whisse Maus V4 (proto)
Wobanakik V2 (proto)
XCDW5 (proto)
YAR7 (proto)
Yuki-Onna (vintage)
Yuletide '05

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