Haute Macabre / BPAL

Haute Macabre / BPAL

Status: Ordered on Dec 26th
Blue Rose Quartz
Rose sandalwood, lavender buds, lilac, coconut milk, ambrette seed, wild rose, red grapefruit, and honeysuckle.

Dragon's Blood Incense
Sumatran Daemonorops draco, fossilized amber, red vegetal musk, and champaca resinoid.

Got the Morbs
The very morbiest: ink-black musk, opium tar accord, clove bud, and myrrh.

Illuni Nocte
Black Currant, Champaca Orchid, Ambrette Seed, Oak Bark, Rose Otto, and 11-year Aged Patchouli.

London Smoke
A black tea fougere with tabac flower and grey amber.

Royal Hojari frankincense, 7-year aged raw patchouli, oakmoss, Yemeni myrrh, green fig, omubiri resin, blackberry syrup, and a sprig of crushed mint.

Amber-touched pumpkin rind and murky oud plunked into a boggy melange of mosses.

Velvet Void
Oman frankincense and blackened myrrh with plum blossom, tea leaf, opoponax, cypress leaf, anise seed, star anise pods, elderberries, and elder flower.

With Stars Surrounded
White gardenia petals, coconut meat, tobacco flower, white amber, orris root, violet absolute, red benzoin, tuberose, white tea, mugwort, and sheer vanilla.

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