Possets Orphans Retour
A Haiku Fangping Gauze Screen
An osmanthus-like sugary note marries with a bit of peach and rhubarb and a drop of lime.

The chill in the air, and the perfume of the riot of summer blossoms as they race the sun every year.

Alizarin Pink
Lemon like but with the zest again and slightly bitter and then a delayed musk which is dry and emollient, followed with a roseate side.

Arabian Dance from the Nutcracker
Clove, coffee, a drop of mild oude, and very light smoke.

A drop of honey mingles in the astringent fuzziness of sage, and a good shot of evening musk.

Creamy and dreamy, it's soft soft, sweet and lovely creamy light musk combining with a buttery and fresh sugar, a very very light kiss of lavender, the pink of a rosebud and a brush of chamomile.

Cadmium Red
It smells red in the most delicious and beguiling way, spicy, unisex, long lasting.

Golden, sunny citrus and honey. A small desert flower blooms but way in the distance.

A dose of apple, a good swath of ginger, a wollop of spices and an herb or two (think French herbs like lavender and sage).

Thick and rich, light yellow and smooth.

Sandalwood combined with a drop of Oude infusion, a kiss of tobacco flower, and a light dusting of dry incense.

Cygnus the Swan
Real vanilla, rose, golden musk, sugar concentrate, an accord which smells a lot like fondant, and a pink musk.

Dark Lady
Lavender, neroli, moss, earth, clove, and a light touch of vetiver. Very refined.

Dioxazine Purple
Purple, strong, musky, unisex, long lasting, foody, gourmand, sweet. Colors.

Earthy, grounded chocolate.

Empress Cixi
Not just any kind of Dragon's Blood, a dark blonde sandalwood, Chinese incense, tarry myrrh, white amber, and a very dry vanilla.

A sweet but sophisticated blend that opens with an almond fanfare and drying down to a comfortable combination of smooth spicy, skin musk, and secret ingredients. A golden almost amber-like blend, it lingers in a most agreeable way.

Fijian Broach
Green tart leafy base with a long squeeze of lime layers over a kiss of brass in the background for balance.

Fire Flakes
An underpinning of a silvery camphor and the hypnotic allure of narcissus combined with a surprising element of fern and precious Arabian musk with a drop of chocolate liquor.

Several different natural orange essences with an intense and wild musk for staying power, spices to keep it interesting and a strong a bitter sort of musk which mimics the bitterness of the peel on your tongue.

A comforting blend of gingery peppery small vanilla and wood.

Big doses of Sweet Olive reflect the last blooming of that plant on my windowsill.

A gentle floral unapologetically feminine and classic.

Gelato Fiore de Latte
Cream and a dash of salt, a bit of tuberose finds its way in here, Sugar.

Chocolate and vanilla with lashings of a creamy sugar-buzz inducing fragrance which will make you feel like licking your arm.

Fresh ginger nestled on a soft bed of pear and pure Madagascar vanilla.

Gingerbread Crackhouse
This one is redolent with ginger (the best European type) and one special ingredient everyone is talking about, and really takes advantage of all that chocolate which Possets does so very well.

The Girls Love a Good Posset
Oh so sweet, the honey and the buttery pastry cream.

The Girls Love India
Resins and extravagant flowers of India mixed with such honey as you only find in the South of the USA.

The Girls Love Leather
This is not just any old leather, this is the superb stuff which you find in the church shops of Florence, dripping with honey from Malta.

The Girls Love Limeys
Honey and lime and secret ingredients, just like bees make.

The Girls Love Pink Pepper
This is PINK pepper and it dances beautifully with that deep from the comb honey and other secret ingredients within the blend.

Spicy? No, it's oriental and chocolate. No. It's...it's...it's... Oh, heck. You just have to try this one and supply your own description.

The Great Psychiatrist of Babylon
The hypnotic base of the finest Bourbon vanilla shot through with incense smoke and the auxiliary smoke from punk fire, caramel, incense, and a small shot of whiskey.

Milk chocolate is center of attention this time along with a special dark honey background and a big dollop of old fashioned pretty spice.

Haute Love
Chocolate covered ginger.

Rich frangipani, white ginger, and pikaki are some of the grand mixture in this perfume. A lick of incense is thrown in to remind us of the Chinese population of the Islands.

Lemon plays with the whitest of musks, and there is a fanfare of light green stem but with no hint of chlorophyll or any sweetness.

Huile of Fortune
Seven carefully chosen ambers, put right with a bit of sage, a small amount of suave moss, fern, and a bit of vetiver which is handled with a deft and gentle hand.

Hwah-teh's Mouse
Sweet lime, green musk, blue musk, white musk and a secret ingredient in the bottle, a small amount of catnip EO!

Hyde Park
Green tea weaves its way through a blend of traditional essences. Very classy, very chic. Characteristics: dry, sophisticated, long lasting, unisex, cooling, summer scent.

Drippy gooey chocolate and a heart of vanilla caramel, a kiss of lavender, and sweet sugary indulgence.

Illusion (Falsifiers)
Black tea with a charming blown sugar edge, a whollop of frankincense, and a beautiful but unexpected pumpkin.

Issota and Sigismundo
Banana and sandalwood! Shocking? Yes. Intriguing and compelling? Yes.

Creamy, light, and winsome; many have found Lambs to be the perfect way to end a hectic and frustrating day.

Landscape in Suffolk
This is a fougere for the 2000s, oakmoss, bergamot, lavender, coumarin (vanilla).

Les Girls-Boom Boom La Rue
A high keyed candy sweet kind of a scent, makes you hot just as you smell it.

Les Girls Sloe Byrne
Rum, butter, sugar, and caramel.

Les Girls-Sugar Puss
Sugary, with a kiss of red jam and the smooth creamy note which Possets is so famous for.

Limoncello: Giardino Rosmarino
The lemons here are more of the Sorrento variety; rosemary, thyme, and boxwood become merry and refreshing with a small splash of ozone.

Limoncello: La Dolce Vita
Neapolitan Lemons spike the Limoncello here, with the most creamy of panecotta and a homemade almond biscotti.

Limoncello: Ti Amo
The lemon base with the essence of Amalfi Lemons, a mixture of rose, lightest crystal musk, a kiss of sugar, and the smallest sliver of basil just for the uplift.

Home-made smores with great dark high-toned chocolate, fancy snooty marshmallows and, well, the only kind of graham crackers you should use.

The sea and land mix here in a smooth collision of the ocean and the conifers, and those lilacs

Mary Shelley
Blond teakwood and smooth sweetbriar dance somberly with black Mexican vanilla and a hint of boxwood for gravity.

The smell of the sand on the beach is in there under the wildly powerful sunbeat, deeply aquatic with large lashings of ozone.

Meyer Lemon
A complex melange of different lemon and citrus enhancers to make this better than just mere lemon in your tea.

Again, the green of the woodland is unmistakable in this perfume, but there is a sweetwater backstop which makes it unique and really calm. Despite it all, there is a good contingent of flowers hiding behind the green, and they are offering their small perfumes up for the summer air to absorb.

Melon, drying grasses and volatile leaved plants rub up against each other and conjure up that sort of a summer.

A cooling lemon fanfare that snuggles down to a very attractive almost ambery background, very light non cloying musk, blue lily, with a background of slight magnolia, and sweet gum resins.

Napoleon and Josephine
Strong Egyptian musks are crushed under a teeming cascade of roses, a goodly dose of the Chinese rose, and a drop of sweetbriar.

Sandalwood, champagne and the leaf of the sweetbriar rose.

Supersweet vanilla grabs a sassy orange/citrus for a fast ride through the desert at sunset with resin and spice.

A red currant and pomegranate base with playful foody and sweet top notes.

Perpetual Orgasm
Maltese honey, a shard of sharp lemon zest and the smooth modification of orange, both citrus which can be found in abundance in the Mediterranean.

Black musk and a dark Brown Musk combine with a whiff of chai in a strong arabica blend rather than a Kona blend. A little spike lavender, hyssop, and cassia.

Pink Cake
A frothy piece of cake hidden under a dense crust of butter and sugar flavored with the silliest strawberries you ever tasted!

The Pleiades
Hauntingly romantic silver musk is at the base, osmanthus (sweet olive), pink baby rose, hawthorne, and a small amount of vanilla.

Essence of many fall harvest fruits of the earth playing with patchouli.

Pre-Raphealite Seductress
Carnation , chocolate, incense, white musk. Although there is carnation in this blend and a chocolate sort of vibe, it is also tends towards the resinous.

Slight spice and a hint of raspberry cozy up to a distant and ditsy pressed floral whiff.

The Queen
A very small amount of rose, and a big dose of whiskey cake with honey from the Mediterranean, patchouli from India, and syrupy sandalwood from Australia. This combined with saffron from Africa and the smallest jot of maple syrup from Canada.

Quinacridone Scarlet
A gorgeous bittersweet/very sweet rendition of a strong and complex scarlet. Nothing rosy about this one, it's a deep-staining, musky, candy, complex, orgasmic, indescribable, entirely sexual scent.

Rhode Island
There is little which is finer than tea on the lawn of one of the cottages at the height of summer and the air is cool and you can sense the sea.

Scented Gloves
You might say this one is an herbaceous floral, but you also might call it a floral herbal with thoroughly modern overlays.

Sex In A Tree
Greenery and green coconut are aflame with patchouli accord, a back-wash of fresh hewn wood, a deep sandalwood, and a distant freshly opening blossom.

Sex Juice
Richest earth is combined with gobs of the sweetest honey. A small flower and a drop of verbena compliment the coupling of dirt and syrup.

The Shipman
The tang of the seashore rushes up against Lime Bay Rum and a good shot of ship's wax which was used to lubricate the wood aboard, and skin musk.

Oranges, pepper, lemons, the sea, musk, and passion (a light touch of cinnamon).

Silver Bells
The charm of lily of the valley with uplifting citrus, exceptionally fresh green (not the expected and overdone variety), along with a non ozone ozone.

Silver Lily
Ladylike and impossibly sexy, Silver Lily carries on the tradition of the silver flowers.

Simulated Cupid
Oooo spice, ooooo frosting, ooooo skin...clean skin.

Cream, sugar, butter, and a pinch of salt, frosting, and sprinkles.

South Carolina
Flowers and spices expertly blended together to be pretty.

Strawberry Heart
Strawberry untrammeled by anything other than the most perfect of vanillas.

Sweet Hell
A bold, deep, dark resinous blend that is punctuated by one of the sweetest musks you may ever smell. Multi-floral, sweet musk, patchouli.

The Temptress
A pink musk provides the fizz and there is an overlay of sweet musk, a brush of lavender (Bulgarian), a bit of fern, and finally a slight bit of amber musk.

Terra Nocturna
A blending of violet, vetiver, leather, ozone, pepper, sugar, and a crystal musk to make an outstanding very adult blend.

Leather of several different varieties, and a very special musk and a small amount of cumin and a very small amount of green accord (as in chlorophyll).

Astoundingly childlike yellow rose, the smallest amount of sagebrush, a hint of leather, grass and the open scent of mesquite growing.

A small whiff of bergamot, then a nice warm slice of sweet, ripe, Persian melon which has been basking in the sun with rare Japanese incense.

Vanilla Tea
Black tea and Mexican and Bourbon vanillas.

Thyme and sage, lemongrass and light camphor, a bit of rosemary, and the lightest hint of white sharp amber.

Grapefruit, strong tea, and lavender, a bit of sage and a tiny amount of lime.

Amber, Lavender, Matcha Tea, Grapefruit, Sandalwood and sage, a hint of hyssop and thyme.

The first honeysuckle blooming from a hidden bower in a backyard. All of the contrasting chlorophyll/hothouse greenery, and all the emollient dewy sweet creamy white flower finery.

Virginie Gautreau
Molasses with a truly winsome musk which is sweet and sensuous with strong, bitter chocolate.

Washington State
Apples, sweet briar rose, and a honey accord topped with incense.

West Virginia
Warm to hot spice combined with a stiff shot of alcohol washed down with something sweet. Heady and good. Resinous, dry.

Western Hills
A sweet but daring rendition of that part of Cincinnati. Like the real thing, it's sporty, foody, rich and robust but with a heartbreaking familiarity like what you feel when you go home again.

Skin musk and body heat combined with lingering smoke and a bit of that smell you get from a really good restaurant, capped with a very very very light whisker of man's aftershave.