BPAL November Lunacy

BPAL November Lunacy

 As voted by the community, all remaining oil is available in .5ml slinks!
(This order is value capped to control the size. Pre-Order may close EARLY if capacity is reached.)
A Garden in September
Hollyhocks, anemone, rose mallow, dahlias, toad lilies, agapanthus, cock’s comb, and helenium in a rolling bed of sweet grasses and hearty mosses.

Blackened lilac, lavender incense tar, bone sandalwood, labdanum, hemlock accord, and frankincense tears.

Black Pine, Frankincense, and Leather

Black Rose, Nutmeg, and Smoked Amber

The Black Torches
Long shadows of raw myrrh, pine pitch, and incense smoke streaked against dry amber, yellow frankincense, and vanilla balsam.

Eldena Ruin
Oak boughs, olive blossoms, tendrils of thick, overgrown ivy, fossilized amber, and crumbling stone.

Fountain with Owls
Silvered musk, iris absolute, Indian sandalwood, black tea, bergamot, snowdrop, and dried fig.

Galbanum, Ti Leaf, and Balsam

Harvest Moon 2023
A scarecrow’s cologne, crunchy with hay and spattered with foamy, sweet soil: a cornmeal fougere with patchouli root, clove bud, honey stout, roasted oats, fermented apple pulp, and bourbon cream.

Hunter Moon 2023
The feral musk of cryptids lurking in an old growth forest peeping expectantly at a bowl of sticky-sweet caramels, toffees, chocolate bonbons, and butterscotch candies.

The Lantern Bearers
Radiant orbs of luminous lemon amber illuminating a backdrop of black orchid and ivy-twined, plum-touched cerulean musk.

La Ofrenda
Marigold petals, oakmoss, and copal resin.

Lemon Peel, Frankincense, and Mastic

Myrrh, Papyrus Reed, and Benzoin

New Mown Hay, Tobacco Flower, and Cassia

Oatmeal, Rose Petals, and Sugar

Red Amber, Orange Blossom, and Pink Pepper

Red Oakmoss, Cedarwood, and Sweet Patchouli

Styrax, Strawberries, and Red Labdanum

Dusty leather, a hand-worn blackthorn staff, frankincense resin, tolu balsam, wild grasses, and medicinal roots.

A seductive and deceptively delicate blend of rose-tinted white sandalwood, ethereal white amber, voluptuous almond blossom, coeur de jasmin, and a gasp of bourbon vanilla.

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